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Talleres Vaca executes major projects with welded and bolted steel structures an industrial enclosures.



Boilers on site and industrial facilities

Talleres Vaca S.A. performs work on boilers and industrial facilities directly on the customer's permises.


Manufacturing in

We perform all kinds of work for a large number of companies using carbon steel an stainless steel in our workshop, with different finishes and qualities.



Talleres Vaca S.A. based on a philosophy of continuous upgrading, has been able to integrate the training and skills of a highly-qualified technical team.

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TALLERES VACA S.A is a company which was set up in January 1984 and is based on a family business founded in 1967. It has received an award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Province of Badajoz in recognition of the work it has carried out in the wine sector. It was a finalist in the "growth in the industrial sector" category, judged by the Regional Ministry of Economy and Work.

The activities of TALLERES VACA S.A are concerned with everything directly related to metallic structures and boiler works for industrial and food applications, as well as their derivatives and accessories.

  • The manufacture and assembly of metal structures of all kinds.
  • The assembly of covers and vertical parameters.
  • The manufacture and assembly for all kinds of metallic deposits and silos.
  • The manufacture and assembly of piping installations for dams, wineries, food production factories, etc.
  • The supply and sale of machines, accesories and welding consumables.
TALLERES VACA S.A has facilities located at the main offices themselves, with a surface area of 22,000m2.

The surface area can be broken down in the following manner:

  • 4,000 m2 are set aside for metal structure and manufacturing processes.
  • 2,200 m2 are set aside for the storage of raw materials and received productos.
  • 1,800 m2 are set aside for the storage of finished products.
  • A total of 666m2 are set aside for administrative and technical office space.
  • 13,334 m2 are set aside for an open-air courtyard for loading and unloading, parking and other purposes.